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Lakestone Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency and production company serving Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. With in-house experts for digital advertising, SEO, social media, video production and website design, we can create a comprehensive digital marketing plan that reaches your audience wherever they live in the digital world to get your brand more exposure and generate more sales and leads.

By having your entire marketing team under one roof, we work hard to make sure your campaigns are coordinated and that all your services are working together to produce the best possible results. You’ll be able to track your progress every step of the way and see real, tangible results. So why wait? Contact us today and let us show you what digital marketing can do for you.

Digital Marketing Services

We can assist your existing team with individual marketing services or develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  A targeted 360-degree marketing plan using video, website design, digital advertising, and social media helps consumers find your business by attracting customers most likely to need your services.  Let’s start targeting today!

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Get Found Around the Corner or Around The World

Let’s face it, you can have the best product around, but if customers can’t find you, it’s not going to matter. Online Advertising is the perfect tool for businesses looking to target a specific audience. Using geofencing, businesses can target customers based on their location, and using targeted demographics, businesses can ensure that their advertising is seen by the right people. Additionally, businesses can choose to advertise on specific websites or within specific topics, ensuring that their ad reaches the most relevant audience.  If there’s a group of people you want to see your message, we can reach them.

Transparency in Reporting

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We believe that you should know exactly where your marketing spend is going and how it’s performing.  We provide a real time view into the performance of your digital marketing channels so that you can make data-driven decisions about budget and strategy.  With our reporting, you’ll get detailed reports of your digital marketing campaign’s progress so you know exactly how your plan is impacting engagement and the bottom line.  We never set and forget. 

How We've Helped Our Partners

Bigwater Fishing and pro angler Ross Robertson partnered with us to improve his online and social media presence and increase viewership on YouTube.

• Website Design
• Video Production
• Online Advertising 
• Email Marketing Campiagns
• YouTube Channel


Proven Winners Direct

Proven Winners Direct, The e-commerce wing of North America’s #1 Plant Brand contracted Lakestone Digital to help develop new marketing initiatives to promote sales on their website and Amazon

• Video Production
• Online Advertising 
• Search Engine Optimization
• Facebook Ads
• Google Ads
• Amazon Management

The Monroe County Convention and Tourism Bureau partnered with us to create a comprehensive online marketing plan to promote their Michigan’s Cornerstone brand to people outside the market.  In 2023, we’ve run nearly 10,000,0000 ads in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana markets

• Video Production
• Online Advertising
• Website Design
• Social Media Management
• Email Marketing

Paragon Design + Display

Paragon Display + Design  contracted with us to build a new e-commerce site through Shopify, drive traffic, create print ads,  manage their social media and email marketing. 


• Website Design
• E-Commerce Website
• Online Advertising 
• Email Marketing Campiagns
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•Video Production

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