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Political campaigns can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of advertising like newspaper and television.  Voters are online and it is important to get your name and brand in front of as many people as possible. By working with agency that specializes in digital political advertising and increasing exposure for candidates, you can expect great results.

It's a Political Yard Sign For The Internet ...

There has been a significant shift over the past few election cycles towards digital marketing for political ads.  It no longer just an option.  Its a must as part of an election campaign.  Displaying your campaign ads online is substantially less expensive than traditional methods like print, billboards and television.  Plus, online messages can be targeted to specific demographics, locations and interests. Do you want to create a targeted message for voters aged 45+ in a certain zip code? conservative or liberal leaning voters?  Men or Women?  Reach them with your message when they’re browsing the web, viewing a news video, playing a game on their phone or even as they check their email.

How Digital Advertising Works

Targeted Marketing

Identify Target Audience

Choose demographics, locations, interests, keywords, search history and more.

Digital Marketing Platform Icon

Choose Digital Marketing Platforms

Where does your targeted audience live in the digital world?

Creative Marketing Design

Design Ads and Messaging

Craft your message and creative elements to reach your target audience.

Launch digital advertising campiagn

Launch Digital Campaigns

Launch campaigns across multiple platforms and retarget website visitors

Digital Campaign results

Measure & Report Campaign Results

Measure results and optimize campaigns to improve performance.

Location Based Advertising

In today’s digital age, political campaigns are increasingly relying on targeted advertising to reach voters.  By using techniques such as geofencing, campaigns can target ads to voters in specific locations. This can be especially effective in competitive areas of a district, where every vote is essential. This allows campaigns to fine-tune their messaging and target specific groups of voters with laser-like precision. For example, a campaign might run ads more often in a competitive area of the district in order to sway undecided voters. Or, a campaign might target registered voters who have previously voted for the opposing party.  By running ads more often in these areas, campaigns can ensure that voters are seeing their message and that they are getting the attention they need to make their voices heard. In an era of political polarization, targeted advertising is one way to help ensure that voters have the information help them make informed choices at the polls. 

How geofencing works for political campaigns

Geofencing is alocation-based technology that allows campaigns to target specific geographic areas. By creating a virtual fence around a particular area, it ensures that their ads are only seen by people who are physically present in that area. 

Geofences can be built from location names, types, postcodes, designated market areas (DMAs), and more. 

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